Pick Your Party

Fun can take many forms, and Wii Party U comes
packed with a multitude of party possibilities—so you'll
always find the right games for the right people.

TV Party

Assemble some competitors and get ready to
roll in these fast-paced board games. They all
tap into the same rich catalog of minigames,
so find one that matches everyone's
mood and interests.

Grab the Wii U GamePad and play some quick games to move your Mii character around the jungle path, and into some minigame match-ups.


House Party

These games for 2 to 4 players are more about laughs and goofy fun than competition, but that doesn't mean they aren't challenging. Turn your living room into a virtual playground!

Line up the GamePad and Wii Remote controllers then work together to press the right button combinations. Don't get yout fingers in a twist!


GamePad Party

Take a break from the TV and go head-to-head on the GamePad controller with these challenging, two-player tabletop games.

It's a classic duel between pitcher and batter. Hit some gappers and get your runners home.



Pull back the curtain on the rich variety of games
that power up these parties. Minigame mode
lets you browse the entire collection
and play the games in new ways.

Browse the complete minigame collection and play with 1 to 4 people. You can practice for party time or just pick a favorite.