What's Included

Wii Party U delivers the fun any way you like it - from a head-to-head tabletop match-up on the Wii U GamePad controller to a full-on, 4-person free-for-all on the TV.


Party at our "Pad" tonight

Get the Wii Party U bundle

Includes 80+ Wii Party U games, a Wii Remote™ Plus controller, and a horizontal GamePad stand for tabletop games for $49.99 msrp*

Buy the digital version

Each player must have a Wii Remote Plus controller, sold separately, to play Wii Party U.

Every kind of party in
one complete package

We know how to get
your friends and family
off the couch and
into the party

TV Party

Board game battles
with your buddies.

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House Party

Host a game show
in your living room.

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GamePad Party

Two-player action.
No TV required.

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All the games are in here.
Pick a favorite!

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Need a party planner?

Party Phil is there for you,
and so is the Miiverse

The man with the mic is always ready to size you
up and get your party rolling. Just ask him—
he won’t bite (he has no teeth). Once he knows the
number of people and the type of game you want
to play, Party Phil will find the perfect fit.


You can also rate and view games
via Miiverse and see what others
think of them, too.**

Additional Party Supplies

To experience everything in Wii Party U, you'll need
additional Wii Remote Plus controllers.1


With Wii Party U, there's always
a party waiting in your living room.

Pick up the GamePad, and get ready for the ultimate in family fun.